The Last Dry County in the West

On a podcast I was listening to recently, one of the hosts drew a parallel between the increasing marijuana legalization in the United States and the fading of the temperance movement some 70 years previous; in time, he claimed, we would look back on the fact that pot was illegal and socially frowned upon as […]

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First Seat in the Village

There’s an amazing set of books online entitled “Robertson’s Landmarks of Toronto: a collection of historical sketches of the old town of York, from 1782 until 1837, and of Toronto from 1834 to 1893” written in 1894, and 5 subsequent volumes that include other “historical sketches” up until 1914.  This guy John Ross Robertson was a […]

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Wych way to the park?

I used to live near St. Clair & Bathurst, and more than once had the opportunity to stroll through Wychwood Park, a small private neighborhood just North of Davenport between Bathurst and Christie. Passing the gates into this place is like walking through some portal into a 19th century English hamlet.  Unlike those surrounding it, its […]

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There’s snow place like home

The city’s relationship with snow usually seems to follow a fairly predictable course. The first snowfall is met with either shock and rage and fear, or excitement and wonder and snowballs. Then the next few snowfalls often deepen those initial sentiments, and when the holidays come everyone is universally more okay with white fluffy stuff. […]

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Top ten: antiquated by-laws

I always enjoy a good top ten, and this week I want to share a uniquely Hogtown Crier list with you: The top ten by-laws from our city’s first 50 odd years of existence. This is by no means a list of the most important or even necessarily useful by-laws in Toronto’s history, but rather […]

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