It’s easy to be familiar with the Main Street (or Yonge Street) of a city, to know a place for its large free standing structure or its big money low success sports franchise, for its big ol’ downtown shopping mall, for its venerable educational institutions,  but what truly brings life and intrigue to a city is not the bright signs or biggest buildings; it’s the small store tucked between two chain clothing stores, it’s the parkette named after a an important T.O. resident, it’s the houses with a plaque in front of it, it’s the abandoned subway stations below our streets, it’s the familiar tag splattered from Kipling to Rouge Hill, it’s the neighborhoods within neighborhoods; it’s the sidewalk that frames the street.

The Hogtown Crier is a project by one curious Toronto native to share little stories and tidbits from the pages of the history of our city. Whether it’s been your lifelong home, your feared big smoke, your occasional vacation destination, the only place nearby with theatre or good beer, the planet to your satellite city, your Alma mater, or something else entirely, I hope at least one story here piques your interest.

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