Yorkie: Ruth the day

A while back I wrote¬†a post about the (other other) Toronto Maple Leafs, a semi-pro baseball team that called Toronto home from 1886 to 1967. One of the most interesting things about them was the stadium they played in for the last fortyish years of their existence. Another interesting thing about them is a little […]

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Home on the Grange

If you’ve read this post here at the Hogtown Crier, you know that once the land for the city of Toronto was “purchased,” it was surveyed by one John Graves Simcoe in 1793. Soon after, he went about dividing the area north of the city limits into park lots, which were narrow, 100 acre lots […]

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Yorkie: The river floweth

For you regular followers, sorry there was a missed week here at the HC – you know how things go. Part of what delays me when I do delay is finding something that is really interesting to talk about. So if you’re curious about anything to do with the history of Toronto, drop me a […]

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