There’s snow place like home

The city’s relationship with snow usually seems to follow a fairly predictable course. The first snowfall is met with either shock and rage and fear, or excitement and wonder and snowballs. Then the next few snowfalls often deepen those initial sentiments, and when the holidays come everyone is universally more okay with white fluffy stuff. […]

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Top ten: antiquated by-laws

I always enjoy a good top ten, and this week I want to share a uniquely Hogtown Crier list with you: The top ten by-laws from our city’s first 50 odd years of existence. This is by no means a list of the most important or even necessarily useful by-laws in Toronto’s history, but rather […]

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Great Scot!

Hi folks – today I have a bonus post in honour of Remembrance Day that is a little bit of a departure from my previous posts. Don’t worry, for the faithful few that follow this fledgling blog, the usual Thursday post will still be up this week.  A few weeks ago I was walking along King Street […]

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The Queen’s Desire

You know what a desire line is. You see them all the time. They’re those dirt paths that make a little crescent to cut off a corner, or a thin but distinct line that makes a diagonal slice through a grassy field, connecting two corners of a rectangular paved path. A desire line (or path) […]

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