The Spadina Streetcar Saga

We talk about transit all the time around here. We talk about why it’s annoying, why it’s convenient, subway ads, squeaky escalators, why it’s inconvenient, what we need, what we should change. This isn’t exclusively a contemporary phenomenon either, we’ve been talking about transit in this city since this has been a city. There are lots […]

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Alder king’s men

I always knew that the government in Canada (and its provincial and municipal subsidiaries) has historically been an old boy’s club. The term “alderman” just oozes older white rich oligarchic businessmen lounging in mahogany chairs with scotch and cigars, harrumphing about their financial exploits in transport, or manufacturing, or maybe textiles, or lawyering. When I first did a little […]

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Hear ye, Hear ye

Welcome to the Hogtown Crier. If this is your first time here, let me tell what the HC is all about. I’m a big fan of cities. I’ve visited a few other big western cities and while the point can be made that cities are all the same or equal until they’re your city, Toronto is objectively the […]

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